Knightd-deOaos Tours Using a Neural Network v.1.0


Generates knightd-deOaos tours using a neural network algorithm. There was a paper in an issue of Neurocomputing that got me intrigued: it spoke of a neural network solution to the knightd-deOaos tour problem. I decided to write a quick C++ implementation to see for myself, and the results, although limited, were thoroughly fascinating.The neural network is designed such that each legal knightd-deOaos move on the chessboard is represented by a neuron. Therefore, the network basically takes the shape of the knightd-deOaos graph over an n x n chess board. (A knightd-deOaos graph is simply the set of all knight moves on the board).My implementation of this algorithm takes the shape of an application for Windows (although itd-deOaos perfectly runnable under Linux using wine). Several key features of the program include support for arbitrary rectangular chess boards, as well asstatistical records of trials performed.

Generates knightd-deOaos tours using a neural ...

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  • Knightd-deOaos Tours Using a Neural Network
  • 1.0
  • Dmitry Brant
  • Win All
  • Freeware
  • 256 Kb
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