KernelCAD Pro v.3.1.3229


KernelCAD is a framework, which enables 3D / CAD functionality in Windows application.It is designed to be high level software, which does not assume expertise in the field and is focused on the productivity of software development The above assumptions do not mean that there are any significant compromises in runtime performance. Features include: * Instant updates of solid objects on programmatic or design modifications * Programmatic access to all aspects of 3D view: zoom, 3D navigation, persistent view points, light, textures, etc * Various types of objects from parametric to freeform to suite different applications * Dynamic object creation * Object grouping and hierarchy. Layers. Arrays * Programmatic import / export * Programmatic access to Boolean Operations * Several technologies for Collision Detection * 2D mode, including dynamically generated projection and intersection 2D views * Tools for increasing productivity of CAD-enabled software development: 3D Debugger, Model Explorer, Birds Eye component * Access to low-level functionality: Client Draw events, mesh manipulation, etc * Extensive documentation * Samples and tutorials with source code in different programming languages covering all functionality

KernelCAD is a framework, which enables 3D / ...

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  • KernelCAD Pro
  • 3.1.3229
  • DInsight
  • WinXP, Win2000
  • Shareware
  • 54.82 Mb
  • 210

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