Graphics Script Language v.1.0


GSL is aimed at providing a tool for rapid graphical programming. GSL is an object-oriented script language with graphical support. Its goal is to provide an easy way to specify worlds and at the same time enable the coding of behaviours of those worlds.

GSL is aimed at providing a tool for rapid ...

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New 3D Modeling & CAD software
  • LT_SCALE AutoCAD add ons  v.1.2LT_SCALE is an add-on for AutoCAD with new commands for scale modification for LINETYPE and HATCH, registration of mileage in BLOCKs, modification of longitudinal profiles, cut and fill volume, 3D axis and roadside starting from 2D.
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  • BlenderDB  v.1.0In BlenderDB we will add a Database interface to Blender (see this way users will be able to share and retrieve effectively meshes, textures, etc.A GUI plug-in for Blender, as well as separate web-server will be the frontend.