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Download shows and movies subtitles and meta info from HBO
Subtitles will be rendered directly within your video as your download is being processed. This is time efficient and will make it convenient and simple to access any subtitles you need! Additionally, all the meta info, such as movie name, genre, and plot, can all be downloaded. This will give you the tools you need to create the most organized video library of your dreams!

Download and save your favorite videos to H.264 format
HBO Max and HBO Now videos can be downloaded and saved to H.264 format for offline viewing. HBO Downloader also gives you many options while downloading. You can choose to download videos with quality up to 1080p or 720p and an AC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 audio track. It's totally up to you.

Pre-select audio and subtitles per the UI language
Most TV shows now have options for multiple audio tracks and subtitles in many different languages. With the HBO downloader, you can now select your audio and subtitle tracks based on the UI language set in the system. If necessary, you can also choose other audio or subtitle languages to download.

Save subtitles as SRT files or remux into video
In addition to downloading subtitles in various languages, you can also choose how to process the subtitles that are downloaded with the HBO downloader. Depending on your individual needs, choose to download the subtitles as an SRT file, or remux them directly within your videos.

Take advantage of batch mode and fast speed
Do take advantage of the Batch Mode which will greatly save you time and effort if you have more than one video to download at once. It is a great feature for anyone who needs to batch download videos. In terms of efficiency, the Fast Speed mode allows you to download a movie in only 10 ~ 20 minDownload media server-friendly metadata info.

DVDFab HBO Downloader. DVDFab HBO Downloader is the best solution to help you enjoy Netflix movies and TV shows for offline watching.

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  • DVDFab_HBO_Downloader
  • 06 Mar 21
  • Fengtao Software Inc.
  • Win7 x32, Win7 x64
  • Shareware
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Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes 06.03.2021 Fix: A GUI display problem when the interface language is Italian.Fix: A problem that only one line of subtitles can be verified at a time when outputting SRT subtitles in the Ripper modules. 06.03.2021 New: Added Samsung TV Plus to the IPTV list to play 1000+ programs from the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, India,and Korea.Fix: A crash problem in certain cases.Fix: A failure problem when playing certain Tubi videos, CWTV videos.

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