Advanced Trigonometry Calculator v.1.5.4


Advanced Trigonometry Calculator is a small, simple, command prompt application specially designed to help you with your trigonometry.

Advanced trigonometry Calculator is an application of trigonometry able to solve advanced calculations with scientific notation and amplitudes in positive and negative arguments. It is possible to calculate 1.5123E-30sin (123456) which equals-6.15108E-31!

It is a full quality calculator can give you the answers with decimal or scientific notation.

Enabled functions:
cos(x), Acos(x), acos(y), Aacos(y), cosh(y), Acosh(y), sin(x), Asin(x), asin(y), Aasin(y), sinh(x), Asinh(x), tan(x), Atan(x), atan(y), Aatan(y), tanh(x), Atanh(x), sec(x), Asec(x), sech(x), Asech(x), cosec(x), Acosec(x), cosech(x), Acosech(x), cotan(x), Acotan(x), cotanh(x), Acotanh(x), log(x), Alog(x), ln(x), Aln(x)

· A' represents amplitude, 'a' represents arc, 'h' represents hyperbolic, and unities of x is degrees or radians.
· You can use amplitude in the form 5.123*10^-1, for example.
· If you in beginning of the expression put rad or in argument put a pi the application will know that the calculations must be done in radians.
· 5.123x10^-16sin(34+67)=5.02888x10^-16 is correctly processed.
· Scientific notation can be wrote in many ways, like 5.123x10^-6 or 5.123*10^-6 or 5.123e-6 or 5.123E-6
· In the argument can be processed arithmetic calculations like sin(30)(=)sin(10+20)(=)sin(100/10+400/20)(=)sin(PI/18+PI/9)
· You can use scientific notation in the argument in the forms, for example 5.12e2 or 5.12E2 so for example 15e12sin(3e1)=7.5e12
· The application process correctly calculations of amplitude and of argument. For example (5E1+10E1)sin(1.5E1+3E1)=106.066
· The application process correctly operations with functions and constant value mixed. For example [3E2]*[sin(PI/6)]*[cosec(30)]=300, [3E2] is the constant, (PI/6) is a angle in radians and (30) is a angle in degrees
· The application just need '[' or ']' when you want that the application calculate the amplitude or argument. For example: To calculate (5+6)sin(pi/6) you need to enter '[5+6sinpi/6]'
· You don't need to enter '(' and ')', because with the name of function the application know how to separate the amplitude of the argument.
· You can solve functions with exponents for this to solve functions that don't need to be calculated the amplitude or the argument, for example, to solve '(sin(30))^2' you must be enter 'sin(30)\2'. If is necessary to calculate amplitude or argument of a functions like '((2^2+2^-3)sin(3*10^1))^2' you must enter '[2^2+2^-3sin3*10^1\2]'.
· Exponents of functions must be enter like this '|exponent' or '\exponent' and of others members, for example '2^2' must be enter '2^2'. So, for a value enter '^exponent' and for a function enter '\exponent' or '|exponent', note that the exponent can be any number.
· Exponents are enabled for 'pi' (ratio of perimeter with diameter (2*pi*r/2*r)) and 'e' (Napier's constant).
· The Calculation of exponents is enabled for example 8^(1/3)=2
· You can solve complex expressions like 'arcsin((sen30)^2+(cos30)^2)=90 enter[arcsin([sin30\2]+[cos30\2])] so this '=90' (degrees).
· The design is made to seem more like a 'trigonometry command prompt'.
· You maybe need clean the environment of calculations by entering 'clean', and use the previous answer by entering 'ans', and also close the application by entering 'exit'.
· You can use 'ans' in exponents.
· You can see informations about application when entering 'about'.
· If you want to make an arithmetic operation with the previous answer and a expression, use '+,_,*,/' before to enter it.

cos(x) -> cosine of x degrees or radians.
acos(y) -> arc cosine of y ratio.
Acos(x) -> amplitude multiplying by cosine of x degrees or radians.
Aacos(y) -> amplitude multiplying by arc cosine of y ratio.
cosh(x) -> hyperbolic cosine of x value.
Acosh(x) -> amplitude multiplying by cosine of x value.

Advanced Trigonometry Calculator is a small, ... Advanced Trigonometry Calculator is a small, simple, command prompt application specially designed to help you with your trigonometry. Advanced trigonometry Calculator is an application of trigonometry able to solve advanced calculations with ...

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