WaveDeploy v.1.2.0


With applications like voice, video, patient monitoring and retail transactions moving to WiFi, itd-deOaos never been more important to see exactly what mobile users will experience. Or more challenging.The ultimate solution for assessing and ensuring your networkd-deOaos readiness for mobility, WaveDeploy provides the data needed for AP placement, network configuration, verifying vendor claims, certifying devices and assessing end-user Quality of Experience (QoE) - all with a single sweep through the site.WaveDeploy brings two powerful components of the VeriWave solution used by leading WLAN developers onsite for the first time: 1) Measuring the wireless experience from the user or d-deDUclientd-deDt perspective, 2) Recreating your live network to see how new devices and applications will perform before you deploy, and as you add more users and applications. Benefits * HeatWaved-OC?D? provides detailed coverage maps of RF, data and application layer Quality of Experience (QoE) * Automatically generated report reveals network compliance, client observed QoE and network QoE * Fast Single Pass Site Survey collects and presents all measurements across all clients in a single sweep of the area surveyed providing a complete picture of network readiness * Conduct readiness surveys using a wide range of WLAN mobile devices, such as laptops, smart-phones, patient monitors or scanners, all at the same time * Works with any network adapter * Uses actual stateful traffic for measurements d-deOCt not just PHY rate & Ping * Clear and unequivocal delineation between network issues and client issues utilizing the WF1101 mobile traffic generator / analyzer * Conduct d-deDUWhat - Ifd-deDt tests using WF1101 to assess deployed network readiness for future expansion of capacity and services * True measured voice quality at any given location in the facility without the need to use actual VoIP handsets * Conduct AP and infrastructure vendor selection harnessing the same metrics provided by VeriWaved-deOaos WaveTest lab tools, the gold standard for WiFi performance testing

With applications like voice, video, patient ...

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  • WaveDeploy
  • 1.2.0
  • VeriWave
  • WinXP, Win Vista, Windows 7
  • Freeware
  • 33.31 Mb
  • 226
  • Free

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