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pgSQL4RB is a RAD tool to build full-featured cross-platform PostgreSQL client applications and provides an unparalleled ease of use without any compromise on performance or on control over PostgreSQL, the best open source database around. pgSQL4RB works with both REALbasic Standard and Pro and is extremely fast, stable, intuitive, and well documented. You can build a small but fully functional database front-end in less than 40 seconds! Or you can rapidly develop very large, full-featured and specialized PostgreSQL projects and compile them for Mac OS Classic, X, Windows, and Linux from the same source code. The combination of PostgreSQL with pgSQL4RB makes the speediest creation of the most powerful database solutions possible, with support for UNICODE, MD5 authentication, and virtually all other PostgreSQL features. It is the best investment you can make and provides the quickest return on investment available for database projects.

pgSQL4RB is a RAD tool to build full-featured ...

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  • pgSQL4RB 2fc2pgSQL4RB is the most affordable, easiest to learn, and most powerful RAD tool to work with multi-user databases in REALbasic Standard or Pro and offers full control over virtually all PostgreSQL features, extreme ease of use, stability, and RAW ...
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