Neural RSS reader v.1.0

An RSS reader that learns what the user likes and categorizes articles based on subject matter.

An RSS reader that learns what the user likes ...

  • Neural RSS reader
  • 1.0
  • Scott
  • Windows
  • Freeware
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  • Deep Pockets Roulette Analysis Simulator  v.1.0A roulette simulator that (by default) runs a deep pockets algorithm (betting on 2/3rds, tripling the bet size on a loss, and defaulting to the minimum bet on a win). The source code is simple and may be easily modified to run one's own algorithms.
  • Hunt  v.1.0A mod for the Half-Life 2: Orange Box engine.Team based game. One team are the Hunters and one team are the Hunted. The Hunted have implants that give them unique abilities. Some Hunted have escaped and the Hunters want their implants back.
  • Idno  v.1.0Idno is a simple NCurses-Based RPG engine/game. Still in planning. It will use a Plug-In architecture to allow different games to be played and new rules added to the engine. If you have any queries, suggestions or anything else, just post in the forums.

New Utilities software
  • SoftPerfect Connection Emulator  v.1.7.9A utility for developers that imitates network connections with low bandwidth limits, latency and losses. With this Emulator you can test how well your application performs on a slow or long-distance connection to ensure the quality of your product.
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  • Noticia Grabado  v.1.0This program is a front end for postgresql, mplayer, lame, and cron. It stores Internet audio streams to one's hard drive like a vcr stores tv shows to video tape.