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NetFlow Analyzer Professional edition uses Cisco NetFlowdlT«, sFlowdlT«, cflowddlT«, J-FlowdlT«, IPFIXdlT«, NetStreamdlT«, NBARdlT« and CBQoSdlT« data exported from routing devices, to analyze network traffic and report on bandwidth usage across your network. It enables rapid troubleshooting of network incidents, tracking of worms and security violations more effectively and helps in planning your network upgrades in a more informed manner. As the market leader in flow based traffic analysis and network forensics, the Professional Edition brings unmatched value for small and medium enterprises and can monitor upto 600 interfaces or switch ports.NetFlow Analyzer Highlights :Reporting on Cisco CBQoSAre your business-critical applications not receiving highest priority? Ensure QoS using the newly introduced CBQoS enabled NetFlow Analyzer. The pre-policy, post-policy and drops in different traffic class along with the queing status enables you to validate the efficiency of your QoS policy. In-depth visibilityGain in-depth visibility into your network with reports on top hosts, applications, DSCP, TCP_Flag and AS information for every link and for configurable IP based department / divisions. Supports NetFlowdlT« version 5, 7 and 9, sFlowdlT«,cflowddlT«, jFlowdlT«, IPFIXdlT«, NetStreamdlT« and CiscodlT« NBAR technology Advanced application recognitionFine grained application categorization based on IP address in addition to port and protocol. Support for CiscodlT« NBAR to classify applications that use dynamic ports based on deep packet inspectionProactive monitoringThe alerting feature generates email alerts / SNMP traps when utilization exceeds pre defined threshold settings. Scheduling option lets you have reports emailed on a daily / weekly or monthly basis.Comprehensive data storageRaw data (every flow from every device) stored for upto 1 month for troubleshooting and port information. Aggregated data (top 100 flows for each interface) stored forever for historic reporting Product Info - Professional Edition 1. Simplified Bandwidth Monitoring In most enterprises, unmanaged bandwidth leads to inappropriate applications taking priority over critical business applications during peak hours. Bandwidth reports in NetFlow Analyzer show you exactly what applications have been using bandwidth during peak hours, and let you drill down to see the top hosts using those applications. This helps in controlling bandwidth usage and enforcing better policies across the enterprise. With its low price and ease of deployment, NetFlow Analyzer becomes a very affordable alternative to enterprises that need to monitor bandwidth usage, but do not want to invest in complex WAN monitoring and bandwidth management solutions.2. In-depth Traffic Analysis Without using hardware probes or appliances, NetFlow Analyzer makes traffic analysis both simple and effective. Apart from setting up your routing/switching devices to export NetFlow data to NetFlow Analyzer, no further configurations are necessary. NetFlow Analyzer uses NetFlowdlT«, sFlowdlT«, cflowddlT«, J-FlowdlT«, IPFIXdlT«, NetStreamdlT« and Cisco NBARdlT«to show top applications, top hosts, and top conversations using bandwidth. This information is vital in understanding peak hour usage and historical trends, and in the long run, aid in bandwidth capacity planning and enforcing security policies.3. QoS validation using Cisco CBQoS To ensure that the business-critical applications receive the highest priority on your network, you can implement QoS policies. Using NetFlow Analyzer you can see the policies applied to various interfaces and you can validate these QoS policies by monitoring the pre-policy and post-policy status in different traffic classes.4. Alerting Based on Thresholds NetFlow Analyzer generates alerts, and sends you an email, when the traffic utilization exceeds pre-defined threshold settings. It also forwards SNMP traps to NMS / EMS application for critical alerts in the network. This helps is quicker fixing of the problem in the network.5. Departmental Bandwidth Usage Allows you to create IP address based departments / divisions with options to filter based on application and interfaces. You can then view bandwidth usage statistics for an IP group exclusively. This information is vital in calculating bandwidth costs and accounting for usage.6. Custom Reports Report criteria let you select specific parameters to report on. For example, you can view bandwidth used by a specific host or network, to access a single application during a certain week. Such options give greater flexibility in meeting your bandwidth monitoring needs.7. Reduced Operational Costs NetFlow Analyzer reduces costs by simplifying management tasks. Troubleshooting takes far less time than with packet analyzers that require more time to analyze results and come to conclusions. Bandwidth reports and drill down options make traffic analysis faster and more efficient, thereby effectively using key resources in the enterprise.8. Reduced Training Costs NetFlow Analyzer reduces training costs by providing a simple and user-friendly web client to perform all operations. It also includes an embedded MySQL database to store the Flow data, thereby saving administrators from the hassles of working with multiple packages and ensuring compatibility between them.9. Effective Data Storage Data is stored in both aggregated and non-aggregated formats. The aggregated top 100 is stored forever and provides reports for capacity planning and long term reporting. The non-aggregated (or raw) data can be stored for upto 1 month and allows troubleshooting with 1 minute granularity.10. Completely Web Based NetFlow Analyzer is completely web-based, which makes it easy to view traffic reports across WAN links from anywhere on the network using just a web browser.

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  • NetFlow Analyzer - Professional / Professional Plus
  • 7.0
  • AdventNet, Inc
  • Linux, WinXP, Win2003, Win2000, Win Vista, Window2008
  • Freeware
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