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Introduction to Modest Web Surfing - a windows utility to fight excessive Internet usageMany Internet users, especially those whose job grants them continuous access to the Internet have experienced excessive Internet usage at least occasionally, having periods of excessively visiting their familiar Websites and thus loosing quality time on unneeded surfing.The simple-to-use methods of this utility make it possible to control excessive Internet usage or Internet addiction in a way that is not interfering with useful Internet activity that one needs for business or education.A typical situation of excessive Internet usage is when one sits in his office and has work to do, but instead of doing the work, one keeps on opening the Web browser and visits the same Web sites over and over again. Shortly thereafter one forgets what he has visited that day and starts a new surfing session again.In order to avoid such situations Modest Web Surfing utility will track and record the times of when you visited your favorite Web sites. Additionally, all the sites that are recently visited will be marked as such, with a different color etc. Desktop notifications for those sites that are lately visited can be switched on as well.The line between excessive surfing and Internet addiction is not easily defined, but whenever one feels that he has overdone Internet surfing, then it's a good time to do something about it. All the features from this utility will help you in this regard.

Introduction to Modest Web Surfing - a windows ... Fight excessive Internet usage or Internet addiction ...

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  • Modest Web Surfing
  • Adria Codes
  • Windows 7, Win Vista, WinXP
  • Shareware
  • 1.91 Mb
  • 320
  • $9.99

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