JIRA Client v.2.3.3


JIRA Client 2.3.3 is a simple to use yet convenient program which boosts your productivity with an interactive interface, enables greater mobility with its offline mode, and has many useful features such as smart search, time tracking widget, screenshot editor, and others.Major Features:JIRA on Your DesktopInteractive InterfaceJIRA Client is a desktop application. It shows search hierarchy, issue list and selected issue on the same screen, provides you with drag-and-drop and other interactive bells and whistles.Work OfflineOnce issues are downloaded, you can search and modify them and create new issues even if JIRA server is not available. JIRA Client stores everything in local database, and synchronizes with the server later.Effortless Time TrackingJIRA Client lets you select the issue you're working on and start, pause and stop time tracking. The accumulated information can be published as JIRA work logs.Search and NavigationPowerful Search with Complete Boolean LogicYou can search by any combination of filters, grouped by AND, OR and NOT operations.Search Hierarchy & CountersJIRA Client lets you organize search queries into hierarchy. When you run "child" query, the results of its "parent" are taken, and query's filter is applied to them.You can see the number of issues that satisfy each query. This gives you a customizable perspective on the project state.Distribution by AttributeWith several clicks, you can break down issues by status, by assignee or by other attribute. JIRA Client will create and maintain a list of sub-queries - one for each attribute value.Tabular DistributionSimilar to distribution by attribute, tabular distribution allows you to break down issues in two dimensions by choosing parent query and two attributes for the axes.Quick SearchSelect a query as the search scope and enter words into the search field. JIRA Client will show you issues that are in scope (that is, are shown by the selected query), and that also contain the sought words.Work

JIRA Client 2.3.3 is a simple to use yet ...

  • JIRA Client
  • 2.3.3
  • ALM Works Ltd
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
  • Trial
  • 12.2 Mb
  • 585
  • $189.00

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