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The ManageEngine's Free VMware Configuration tool is a light weight tool, can configure VMware Virtual server (VM's ) resources such as CPU, RAM or execute Power operations or change the Name of the VM'S, and also it fetches comprehensive data about the servers and its virtual machines and presents them as visually elegant graphs and reports in a desktop tool dashboard.ManageEngine Free VM Configuration Tool can configure VMware ESX server from the remote location. The best part is that the tool is made available to you absolutely FREE of cost.FeaturesVMware Configuration Tool helps administrators to monitor VMware ESX 4.0 & VMware ESX 4.1 hosts and it can manage/configure some important attributes of the virtual machines available in the host machine.Parameters that can be managed/configured for a virtual machine(s) using this tool are as follows:d-deOC¦ Power Operations CPU - Configuration Memory - Configuration Rename Virtual MachinePower Operations Power On - Powers on the virtual machine. Power Off - Powers off the virtual machine. Suspend - Suspends the execution of the virtual machine. Reset - Reset means powerOff the virtual server and powerOn the virtual server.Using the Configuration tool, Administrator can configure power operations.CPU - Configuration Number of CPU(s) - Number of virtual CPU(s) in a virtual machine. (Value more than total number of CPUs of the Host is not allowed ) Resource limit - The CPU utilization of a virtual machine will not exceed this limit even if there are available resources.( in MHz) Resource reserved - The amount of resource that is maximum available to a virtual machine.Using this tool, Administrator can allocate virtual CPU(s) to the virtual machines.Memory - Configuration Memory Allocated - Size of the memory in a virtual machine. ( in MB) Resource limit - The memory utilization of a virtual machine will not exceed this limit even if the memory allocated is higher than its limit.(in MB). Resource reserved - The amount of resource that is maximum available to a virtual machine. (in MB)Rename Virtual machineVirtual machine can be renamed if required. This allows administrator to configure the name of the virtual machineVM EventsVM Configuration tool receives events for the virtual machines available in the VMware Host.Once the tool makes a connection with the host, the tool will be listening for virtual machine events. Based on the event received for the specific virtual machine, parameters of that virtual machine will be updated.Tool listen for the following Events : VmPoweredOffEvent, VmPowerOnEvent, VmSuspendedEvent, VmAutoRenameEvent, VmGuestRebootEvent, VMGuestShutdownEvent, VmRenamedEvent, VMCreatedEvent and VMRemovedEvent.d-deOC¦d-deOC¦d-deOC¦Performance Monitoring for VMware ESXManageEngine VM Configuration Tool also help an administrator to view the following performance parameters for both VMware Host and its virtual machines.Summary view for VMware ESX HostGeneralTool populates host name, VM ware ESX product details, number of virtual machine(s) and the boot time in the host machine.CPUNumber of logical CPU(s), total capacity (in MHz), usage (in MHz) for the host machine are displayed.MemoryMemory available for host machine( in MB), usage (MB) for the host machine are populated.StorageThe details of the datastores which are available for the host machine are shown.NetworkList of Networks available in the host machine and the number of virtual machines in each network are shown.Summary view for Virtual machineGeneralThis include name, power state, alternate OS and boot time of the virtual machine.CPUNumber of logical CPU(s) allocated to the virtual machine and its usage (in MHz) are displayed.MemoryTool shows memory allocated(in MB) to the virtual machine and its usage (in MB).Storage DiskTool shows details of the hard-disks created in the virtual machine.Network AdapterTool shows the details of the network adapters available for the virtual machine

The ManageEngine's Free VMware Configuration ... ManageEngine Free VM Configuration Tool can configure VMware ESX server from the remote location.

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  • Free VM Configuration Tool
  • 1.0
  • ZOHO Corp.
  • WinXP, Win Vista, Windows 7,Windows Vista, Windows 7 x64
  • Freeware
  • 2.58 Mb
  • 293
  • Free

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