Web Site Monitor v.1.1


Knowing how your web site is performing is essential to retaining your competitive edge. Our Web Site Monitoring tool provides you with the ability monitor your site 24x7. Furthermore, it's a tool that is easily deployed. Here's what you get:

* A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that uses Visual Basic to 'drive' Internet Explorer based on a script that you provide (in Excel),
* Set thresholds,
* Send an email when a threshold is exceeded (you can provide HTML tags too),
* Perform validation -- does the page you are monitoring contain the proper text?
* Send an email when a validation error occurs,
* View the response times in real time,
* The script is a 'transaction'. For example, login, go to the product page, click 'buy', logout. Each step response is captured and the overall transaction time is captured,
* Because the interface is Excel, you customize the look and feel,
* Full source is provided.

Practical uses

* Monitor your site so you know what the response times is from an end user perspective,
* Create reports to see if there are times of the day that your site is performing poorly,
* After you make a change to your site, is the response time improved, or degraded?
* Which step in a transaction is affecting the end user experience?

Knowing how your web site is performing is ... Monitor your web site using Visual Basic, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Excel. Simple to set up. Write your own scripts, define response thresholds, HTML email alerts, and validate content.

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