TrackStudio Scheduler Service v.1.0 Beta


Many people point out that several tasks are often repeated in the development process. For example:* our System Administrators always have several repeated tasks: "Check backups of our internal servers", "Free our File server disk space ", "Burn backup files on DVDs", etc.* our Project Managers also have several repeated tasks: "Code Review", "Project iteration Quality checks", "Project progress report", etc.* our QA Engineers also have lots of repeated tasks: "Regression testing", "Documentation checks", "Requirements checks" etc.* Moreover, mostly everyone in development team can describe several situations where repeated tasks take place.While we are preparing our Company for ISO 9001:2000 certification we are trying to make our work to be well scheduled and tracked. We chose TrackStudio system that helps us a lot and allows building very flexible workflows, track task states, etc.But one point is missed: TrackStudio does not allow making periodical, scheduled tasks.Our solutionAs we are software development company the soft writing is not a problem for us.Several hours of TrackStudio internal investigation and we have found facile and elegant solution: we wrote a Windows Service that checks Track Studio data. If Windows Service finds the task which has to be executed periodically we track it and repeat if necessary.

Many people point out that several tasks are ... This document provides the user manual for TrackStudio Scheduler product ...

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  • TrackStudio Scheduler Service
  • 1.0 Beta
  • ArtfulBits
  • Win2003
  • Shareware
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