Silverlight Multi File Uploader v.2.3


Features:- Select multiple files to upload- Upload multiple files at the same time (asynchonous)- Cancel a single upload, or clear the full list- Shows the overall progress- Error notification when upload failedFor developers / webmasters:- Configure file extension filter (for example, only .jpg files)- Configure maximum file size- Configure the number of simultaneous uploads- Input for custom parameters- Basic webservice included- Change the default color by setting a single parameter- JavaScript events and properties for integration in your websiteNEWChoose between uploading using WCF Webservices or HttpHandler.Advantage of the HttpHandler: a lot faster, less requests to the webserver, better for high performance scenario's. But it's less fancy in showing the upload progress.Check out the following test page in the project: HttpUploader_SilverlightMultiFileUploadTestPage.aspxPHP script includedThere's a PHP script included. Now you're able to use the Silverlight Multi File Uploader on Apache server using PHP.JavaScriptThe Silveright Multi File Uploader can be controlled using JavaScript. It has full JavaScript support. It's even possible to hide the Silverlight control and only use JavaScript and still get the full multi file upload experience. There's an example for all the JavaScript options included. See the screenshot of the JavaScript only implementation below.

Features:- Select multiple files to upload- ...

  • Silverlight Multi File Uploader
  • 2.3
  • Michiel Post
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