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This SQL editor provides many functions, use SQLQuery as a quick SQL tool to connect to any database type. SQLQuery use BDE and ODBC technology to establish database connections. SQLQuery Features:Color Editor :The SQL editor window has color coded text to help with creating and editing Sql.The edit and search menus contain many fucntion to help you with editing your script. * Find * Find and Replace * Cut, Copy, Paste * Select All, Clear * Indent and UnIndent Selected Code * Comment and UnComment Selected CodeSQL Catalogs :SQL Catalogs help you store your SQL code for later. Create as many catalogs as you want.The drop-down box displays the names of the SQL code in the currently loaded Catalog. New Catalog Open Catalog New SQL Open SQL Save SQL & Catalog Delete SQL from CatalogHow to Use * New Catalog 1. Click the New Catalog button to use a new catalog 2. Enter SQL into the editor window 3. Click the Save SQL and Catalog button o If catalog is not already save you will be asked to save it first o The you will be ask to name your SQL statement o The name will then appear in the SQL drop-down list 4. Use the drop-down list to quick recall saved statements * Open Catalog 1. Click the Open Catalog button 2. Find a catalog file and click open 3. The drop-down list now contains all the statement names in the catalog * Add SQL to Catalog 1. Click the New SQL button 2. Enter SQL statement into the editor window 3. Click Save SQL and Catalog Button to save changes * Edit SQL in Catalog 1. Select a statement name from the drop-down list 2. Modify the statement in the editor window 3. Click Save SQL and Catalog Button to save changes * Open SQL 1. Click the Open SQL button 2. This will replace when is in the sql window * Delete SQL in Catalog 1. Select a statement name from the drop-down list 2. Click Delete SQL from Catalog ButtonTransaction Control :SQLQuery provides automatic transaction wrapping, use the Commit & Rollback buttom to control your changes. Commit RollbackThreaded Queries :SQLQuery has the ability to execute multiple SQL statements it the same time. Just click the thread checkbox to unable threaded queries.Also use threaded queries if you want mulitple SQL windows, when this option is selected, click the new sql buttom to create another sql window. The new window will not appear until the execute button is pressed.SQL windows labels appear on the bottom of the screen, click the tabs to switch back a forth. Export Data :Use the export function to save data to disk. Use three different formats, Comma Separated, Tab Delimited, and Custom Delimiter.How to Use 1. Select a format 2. Enter a field separator if using the custom format 3. Enter a filename in the edit box, or click the disk button. 4. Click OK to start exporting dataHighlight Editor :Use the highlight editor you customize the color code editor to your liking.How to Use 1. Select a highlight type from the list. 2. Set the highlight colors * Click with the left mouse button to set the foreground color. * Click with the right mouse button to set the background color *Note: Use the gray button on the side to set the color to nothing. 3. Click the check boxs to set the highlight style 4. View changes in the preview window. 5. Click OK to accept the changes. Options :Use the options to modify want type of database engine to use.

This SQL editor provides many functions, use ...

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