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ProVide enables collaboration by enabling secure access to files & folders directly on your servers. ProVide replaces free or paid ad-hoc file management and project workplace solutions. It can also supplement e.g. Microsoft Teams and other collaborative software and communication suites by providing easy to use; easy to manage, and secure access to project files and information using a familiar web interface. The key advantage is that files are shared or managed from the source rather than being uploaded into the cloud.

ProVide combines both a user-friendly web interface for user collaboration; with powerful SFTP, FTPS, and TFTP services. Empowering end users with collaboration features to enable instant, effortless and secure means to share, receive, collaborate and even edit ANY file directly at the source. This cuts administration costs, lead times and means users do not revert to non-sanctioned solutions to get things done. Sounds amazing? It is!

Even more: ProVide offers system administrators, software engineers and integration professionals that require secure and automated communication the ability to enjoy powerful SFTP, FTPS, and TFTP services, all capable of running simultaneously, along with extensive security, scripting, certificate, ciphers and private/public key support. ProVide acts as the backbone in managing information exchange between trusted partners as well as automated file transfers, secure information exchange, and EDI. A complete software suite for secure file management and scripted systems integration all-in-one.

ProVide is a software and not a service. All data is stored on your own servers while being securely accessible internally and externally. It is by far the best option for working with files securely across platforms. With custom branding options you may use your companys logotype, fonts, and colors to create your own unique interface. Safe, simple, powerful and easy to set up!

Collaborate, secure project workspace & SFTP! ProVide is the backbone for file communication & information exchange. Share, receive, collaborate, even edit ANY file at the source OR enable secure & automated communications using SFTP, FTPS. Extensive security, scripting and secure API support ...

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  • ProVide
  • 07 Mar 23
  • Farsight Tech Nordic AB
  • Win2000, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, WinOther, WinVista, WinVista x64
  • Freeware
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Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
14.4 12.12.2022 Major stability and performance improvements to the index, search and preview algorithms. Including preview support for jpg, png and bmp images!
 Improved template support, allowing you to create your own pre-made set of new files to create.
 Added support for negative searching using "-" as prefix 12.09.2022 Major speed improvements to HTTP(S) connections and allow/deny-lists
 Added support for MultiFactor Authentication using DUO
 Fixed proper use of relative paths to prevent HTTP Host header attacks
 Improved debug logging by introducing Debug Expressions
 Other fixes and improvements
14.3.1 21.04.2022 Added cookie property SameSite=Lax as default for improved security while using the built-in HTTP(S) client and Web Admin interface
 Added preview on hover over Office-files in the HTTP(S) client
 Added ability to search within Office-files through the HTTP(S) client
 Other fixes and improvements
14.3 04.03.2022 Improved connection maintenance and stability with Gateway Added support for more secure SFTP Key Exchange Algorithms Added support for more Active Directory tokens Added support for drag-n-drop in the built-in HTTP(S) client Added support for sharing entire folders Other fixes and improvements
14.1 18.01.2021 Added better copy-paste support for pre-designed HTML based link information to send through email / Teams / Zoom / etc. Minor fixes and improvements to the built-in HTTP(S) client. Improved internal routines for ZIP-management and PDF handling.
14.0 02.10.2020 Potassium - Safety precautions: Added support for ProVide Gateway - the smart reverse proxy. Added support for TLS 1.3. Improved support for cipher suites. Improved support for elliptic curves. Improved support for MAC algorithms. Added CSRF token check for both web interfaces. And more!
13.2 24.06.2020 Improved certificate loading to look for updated local file certificates in Windows store Speed increase, optimizations & fixes to the built-in HTTP(S) client and the Web Admin interface Improved internal Active Directory integration routines Support of thread pooling FTP and HTTP(S) requests
13.1 02.04.2020 Support for only using BCrypt for password hashing when storing users passwords Hashing with BCrypt when using Windows Login password caching Ability to see fingerprint in log when authenticating with public/private key through SFTP connections Improved TCP API Improved support of white labeling
12.20 17.01.2020 Stability improvements to the built-in HTTP(S) client and Web Admin interface. Improved edit on files through collaboration links. Minor improvements to the built-in HTTP(S) client. Added ability to disable the TCP API interface. Stability improvements to the PDF cache indexing algorithm.
12.18.1 03.09.2019 Performance & stability improvements Added support for specifying a display name for shares, receives and collaboration areas Added internal support for UNC resources with separate access credentials Added disk write caching Optimized logon routine when using Active Directory
12.16 12.04.2019 Internal optimizations and stability improvements; faster, stable and more efficient
12.0 03.04.2018 Performance enhancements and improvements to general stability.

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