MailBee WebMail Pro v.4.2.10


MailBee WebMail Pro is a web based mail client built as a set of scripts. Can act as a front-end to an existing mail server or to the built-in mail server. WebMail Pro 4.1 is available for ASP.NET and PHP platforms. Looking for classic ASP version? Supports:Modern AJAX user interfaceLocal and remote e-mail accountsFolders managementCool multilingual skin-based interfaceRich-text (WYSIWYG) editorWeb-based administration paneland much more!With WebMail Pro web-interface, you can: read emails in a safe way, reply, forward, compose new ones using rich-text or plain-text editor, attach multiple files to e-mails, manage e-mails using folders, access multiple POP3/IMAP4/SMTP e-mail accounts per user, manage your contacts with Address Book, and do much more in completely customizable and internationalized environment.

MailBee WebMail Pro is a web based mail client ...

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  • MailBee WebMail Pro
  • 4.2.10
  • AfterLogic Corp
  • Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Wind
  • Commercial
  • 302
  • $249.00

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