MSSearch Administrative Tool v.1.0


The Exchange Server MSSearch Administration tool can be used to determine which Exchange Stores in the domain have Full-Text Indexes, provide status on indexes, and provide administration tasks all via the command line.MSSearch Administration tool overview: Provide a way to determine which Exchange Stores in the domain have Full-Text Indexes. Provide a way to get the status of the existing Full-Text Indexes on an Exchange Server and provide additional information than what Exchange System Manager displays. Provide a way to repair any existing Exchange Full-Text Indexes after any of the following has occurred: Domain Rename Change Primary SMTP Address for Default Recipient Policy Provide a way for an admin to perform actions against an existing Full-Text Index via a command line tool. The main actions being: Enable the Index for searching Disable the Index for searching Start a Full Population Start an Incremental Population Pause the current population Resume the current population Stop the current population Reset the Index (Should only be used as a replacement for Deleting the Full-Text Index and then recreating it)

The Exchange Server MSSearch Administration ...

status, provide, indexes, administration, command, tasks, domain, mssearch

  • MSSearch Administrative Tool
  • 1.0
  • Microsoft
  • Win2003, Win2000
  • Freeware
  • 92 Kb
  • 242
  • Free

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