Htpasswd Generator Professional v.4.1.1


Htpasswd Generator is a program that will help you to manage the main authentication files for Apache web server - .htpasswd, .htgroup and .htaccess. This program is a convenient shell with a graphical interface for managing users, user groups and their passwords (with SSH and FTP support).The main authentication files .htpasswd and .htgroup are plain text files. And you can use any plain text editor to edit them, while the simple command line tool htpasswd from the standard distribution package of the Apache server can be used to generate passwords.But when the number of server users increases, maintaining the files .htpasswd and .htgroup becomes a problem for the administrator. Regularly, you have to remove old users, add new ones, generate passwords for them, move users from one group to another, send the email notifications to the users and change their logins. After a while, there may appear groups with non-existing users, users with the same logins or users that are not included in any group.Htpasswd Generator is a program that will not allow such situations and help you organize data in the files .htpasswd and .htgroup. Htpasswd Generator "binds" data from these two files and looks like a convenient shell with a graphical interface for managing users, user groups and their passwords.Htpasswd Generator has the following features: - A graphical interface for working with the files .htpasswd and .htgroup - Manual editing of the files .htpasswd and .htgroup using the built-in text editor with syntax highlighting - Text editor for the .htaccess files with syntax highlighting - Storing an extra data about users and users groups, such as the full name, email, phone number, real password, etc. - Convenient user password generation with SHA, MD5, Crypt encryption. Batch passwords changing. - Batch emails sending - Using the email templates - Htaccess Wizard (Htaccess Generator) - Simultaneous and "transparent" files modification in case you need to modify both files.

Htpasswd Generator is a program that will help ... Htpasswd generator program for password protection of Apache servers ...

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  • Htpasswd Generator Professional
  • 4.1.1
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