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Fusion Getmail is a plugin that allows you to receive email directly into FileMaker databases. The email messages can be plain text or HTML-formatted and can include attachments.FileMaker uses Getmail to communicate directly with your POP mail server. This removes the need to create enterprise-wide systems for importing messages from mail client programs into a FileMaker database.The Getmail plugin comes with a sample FileMaker Pro database that you can freely inspect and test. It is a useful tool for familiarising yourself with Getmail's functions.Here are some key features of "Fusion Getmail":+eTE Collect email with FileMaker+eTE Handle multiple attachments and HTML email+eTE Access the raw source of the message+eTE Collect from multiple accounts using the scriptable settings+eTE Store attachments along with messages right in your FileMaker 7 databases

Fusion Getmail is a plugin that allows you to ... Fusion Getmail 1.


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