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Everywhere we look, there is talk concerning the Internet and all its many subdivisions. In many areas the Internet now rivals both television and radio. This has led to many opportunities for people from all walks of life.The upward trends in the number of people flocking to join the on-line community suggests that on-line usage will continue to grow at a steady rate and continue to offer many new opportunities. Next to E-mail, the biggest way to tap into the on-line world is through the establishment of an Internet site. To do this is much easier than first imagined, and the cost does not have to bankrupt you!The development of browsers, Web design tools, and availability of equipment make the designing and uploading of your own Web pages simple! Our program will help you learn about all the fundamentals of developing your own Web site. By the time you get through our tutorial program, you too can be up and running with your own Web site! While everyone has access to a kitchen and cooking essentials, not everyone knows how too cook. That is why cook books are so popular and packaged food comes with directions on it. Developing A Web Site will serve as your Web Development Cook Book!

Everywhere we look, there is talk concerning ...

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