DHCP Turbo Windows v.3.1


A robust DHCP server for Windows NT, 2000 or XP, Workstation or Server Editions. It runs as a true service and can be remotely administered by DHCP Turbo Command Line Console or GUI. Makes the task of managing complicated networks easy, single pane of administration for all DHCP Turbo servers. The server supports dynamic BOOTP, making it a complete network address management system for old and new devices. Runs DHCP on a Windows Workstation machine, Encrypted remote administration, Programmable with Expression Syntax, Multiple subnets per network segment Dynamic BOOTP for integrating legacy devices. Todays complex networks demand a fast and powerful DHCP solution for demanding corporate needs. Intelligently managing your devices should be simple, fast, and guaranteed to perform. DHCP Turbo puts you instantly in control of the devices on your network, providing a powerful and intuitive interface for carrying out demanding management tasks. The unified interface lets you easily manage all of your regional DHCP servers from a central location. Benefits Unified administration for all DHCP servers Privacy mode for servicing registered devices only Differentiate devices by choosing scopes, policies and even option values using powerful expressions Secure individual scopes, and prioritize scopes against each other Customize server behavior based on the needs of your devices Run DHCP services on low-cost workstation operating systems

A robust DHCP server for Windows NT, 2000 or ...

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