Addin Cleanup v.1.0


Remove Windows Home Server add-ins.Sometimes Windows Home Server does not successfully uninstall an add-in. When this occurs the user won't be able to uninstall / reinstall the addin.Sometimes an addin entry is duplicate because of an old version and can't be uninstalled. Manually removing it can be a pain with manually editing the registry. The Addin Cleanup was designed to be a small tool that will solve this problem for you.Running the tool:- Copy the file 'addincleanup.exe' to the folder c:program fileswindows home server.- Start it up.- BEFORE USING:- Make sure that the addin can't be uninstalled via the WHS console.- Make sure that you know which entry to delete. Deleting the wrong entry can cause a lot of misery!- Click on the 'Remove' button and confirm.- In case of problems, a backup is made of the registry,you can find the file on the WHS under the folder c: empaddinbackup_yyyy_MM_dd_hh_mm_ss.reg.

Remove Windows Home Server add-ins.Sometimes ...

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