Ssh-smart v.0.0.1


ssh-smart is a really small software (a proof-of-concept) to put private identity from ssh on smartcard (memory card)). For the moment, we use the smartcard (from René Puls) program used to establish communication with the reader and the memory card. It has only been tested with the Towitoko chip drive micro but could work with other card reader terminal driver using the CT-API library. The project is now only a proof-of-concept and a lot has to be done to have a reliable to store ssh identity (and OpenPGP in futre) in a secure way. The initial release is created to push and initiate idea, new concept and software around this (or similar) idea. To install follow these steps: tar xvfz ssh-smart-0.0.1.tar.gz cd ./ssh-smart-0.0.1 ./compile ... You will see a lot of ouput with the smartcard program compilation, if all is ok the compilation will be done. Enhancements: - doc/smartcard.texi: Updates reflecting the changes described below. - src/smartcard.c (smartcard_iso_update_binary): Corrected a really stupid error: The offset for the write command was not taken into accound. This fixes the >255 bytes problem. I dont know why I didnt find this earlier, it should have been reall obvious. Duh.

ssh-smart is a really small software (a ...

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