SpamAssassin in a Box v.2.2.2


SpamAssassin in a Box is a powerful and reliable spam filter for Windows. Beside the famous e-mail filter SpamAssassin, it also contains a Windows system service, making SpamAssassin controllable via the Windows Service Control Manager. A fully preconfigured SpamAssassin is already included, as well as several enhancements (regarding stability, memory usage, signal handling, ...) for running the spam filter on a Windows system.

The service monitors SpamAssassin's daemon 'SpamD' and updates the anti-spam rules automatically. Furthermore it contains a lot of additional individual configuration options. SpamAssassin in a Box is suitable for use in Windows-based server systems, but is also supported by any other common Windows system.

SpamAssassin in a Box uses a scoring system to declare the likelihood of a mail being spam. The spam score can than be used by a continuative program, usually the MTA (Message Transfer Agent), to decide how to handle the mail. To obtain a complete anti-spam solution, you have to connect SpamAssassin in a Box to your MTA. Many well-known MTAs support a corresponding connection or can be extended by this sort of link (e.g. Microsoft Exchange or hMailServer).

SpamAssassin in a Box incl. Windows service.

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  • SpamAssassin in a Box
  • 2.2.2
  • 11 Nov 16
  • JAM Software GmbH
  • Win2000, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, WinOther, WinVista, WinVista x64
  • Shareware
  • 11.01 Mb
  • 1036
  • $49.95
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
2.2.2 11.11.2016 * Native 64bit support: additional memory for spamd * NEW: ListenIP supports multiple addresses * No restart of service during open connection * several errors in service and SPAM tests fixed *
2.2 13.05.2015 * Native 64bit support: additional memory for spamd * NEW: ListenIP supports multiple addresses * No restart of service during open connection * SpamAssassin V3.4.1 integrated * critical Error in DNS-based spam tests fixed *
2.1.1 04.03.2015 * Vast reduction of CPU load * Solved: self-stopping service * Solved: divergent scan dates in spam report * Bayes files under %programdata% * Solved: auto-start obstruction * Integrated SpamAssassin updated to version *
2.0 24.03.2014 * New folder structure and XML file based configuration * Improved logging * Numerous minor changes and improvements * The integrated SpamAssassin has been updated to version 3.4.0 (RC5). *
1.1.1 25.06.2012 * The spam reports now compatible to hMailServer * Mails now correctly displayed in mail clients like Windows Live Mail * Start-up check for required open ports for the Razor module * Integrated latest SpamAssassin *

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