Protegent Internet Security v.i13.7


Protegent Internet Security is an apt security software that gives open gateway to a variety of opportunities with the following features as the positive attributes like:

Anti-Phishing – Avoid your data to go to some due to malware deviated to illegal destination, while in transit to some authentic destination.Anti-Spam – Anti spam avoid the bulky advertisement from coming into your Inbox and filling it up.Anti-Spyware – Keeping a close eye on the activities of some Spyware who may be keeping track of your data movement and storage.USB Drive Blocking – This is the best feature offered by Protegent Internet Security to block the incoming infectious USB Drive.Website Block – The Web pages that are malicious, or which contain the code which can easily adapt with any OS and later replicate itself to attach itself to every executable file within the system, and once it has been spread to entire system performs the task it is meant for.Firewall – Firewall may be software and even hardware also, where it works remains same of halting the movement of suspicious files/folders and codes across the boundaries of system and external Internet.Crash Proof – This is an added advantage with the entire package full of facilities, with its renowned ability to combat the loss, deleted, formatted or damaged situation of files/folders, it has been added with the security system to give30%extra protection to users.Furthermore, downloading this security package is very easy, as it has been intentionally made user friendly, so that every classification so, user can use Protegent Internet Security package with an Ease. After downloading the tool use it freely for 30 days, but afterwards it will be require the relevant updates. This update is essential to maintain the enhanced functionality of this security tool.

Protegent Internet Security- Secured opulence. Protegent Internet Security is the renowned brand offering immense opportunities to cope with ever growing need of data security from threat coming from network and other systems. Additionally, also provide cure to data loss with recovery methods.

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  • Protegent Internet Security
  • i13.7
  • 15 Mar 14
  • Win8 x32, Win8 x64, Win2000, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Win98, WinServer, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP
  • Demo
  • 163 Mb
  • 669
  • $30.00

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