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Paltalk Password Recovery will find encrypted Paltalk, PaltalkScene & SuperIM passwords, decode them and decrypt them with a click of a button. The correct passwords are recovered automatically if they are saved on the local system and you are able to login with Paltalk automatically without having to manually enter the password. All versions of Paltalk are supported including Paltalk Scene, Basic, Plus, Extreme, Deluxe, Premium, PalPlus and SuperIM. Passwords from multiple profiles can be recovered as well as passwords from the ICQ, AIM and Yahoo Messenger that are stored by Paltalk. This tool will be particularly useful when you want to change you Paltalk password that you forgot. Or if you want to migrate Paltalk to another PC but you have forgotten your Pal Talk password. Lost PaltalkScene passwords have a chance to be recovered! Functionality of Paltalk Password Recovery: Decrypt Paltalk password (Pal Talk password decrypter) Decode PaltalkScene passwords (Paltalk Scene password decoder) Crack Paltalk passwords (Paltalk password cracker) Recover Paltalk password (Pal talk password recovery) Find Paltalk Messenger passwords (Paltalk Messenger password finder) SuperIM password ripper (rip Super IM passwords) Paltalk Extreme remote account hacker (not implemented) PalPlus password hacker (will hack Pal Plus passwords for saved accounts only on local accounts) Paltalk Scene Plus password stealer (not implemented) - please note that this tool should not be used to steal others passwords. This is illegal action and can be prosecuted. Multiple profiles (nicknames) are supported Passwords from other IM services are also recovered (provided they are saved in Paltalk). That is, Paltalk Password Recovery will decode AIM password, ICQ passwords and Yahoo Messenger passwords.

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