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Keep Perfect Track Of Your Log In Attempts With Logon Sentry Software

An Insight Into Logon Sentry Software
Are you certain that your computer information is accessible just to you and nobody could spy on your processes? A lot of the macroscopic international organizations handling secret buyer descriptions have increased protection systems set up on the computer systems which forbid any information pilferage or apportioning. Each staff member functioning is cognizant of the protection protocol observed and on an individual basis all are responsible for the information they process and make sure of its guard. Correspondingly each of the arrangements is supplied with the password facility which ascertains no ordinal party could approach the system without the permission of the user. Malign heads may attempt and seek to breakout the password in order to achieve any information theft; whether or not they come through, there is utterly no path to ascertain about the individuality of the user. This trouble could be harnessed easily with Logon Sentry that in effect supervises all such attacks and besides catches picture. If you have uncertainties, then the fresh computer program Logon Sentry is readily available for you. This component is built up to acknowledge the individual that attempts to get into your computer and therefore make your computer data less touchable to different users. Logon Sentry software is a program which functions in alignment with screenshot function to mechanically watch all login endeavors both succeeded and bombed. In order to forbid admittance to your information, this program brings forth an alarm and conquers a picture from the iSight photographic camera. You will not be at sea in guesswork attempting to puzzle out the personal identity of the foreigner as Logon Sentry will make out the spy and offer you with a picture vision of the computer intruder. Hence it enables you to maintain your electronic computer under oversight while you are not available.

Relevant Features
Logon Sentry tool is configured to safeguard your computer information and to safe it against contraband breaching into the system. This supervising tool enables constraining the admittance to information on your electronic computer and notice if there are any espying on your activities. The images caught from iSight photographic camera lets you to work out who attempted to access your computer. The software package in combination with monitoring complete logon consequences grants 24-hour oversight over your information. Furthermore, employing this software you will be able to besides keep an eye on the processes of crooks. Logon Sentry software allows you to monitor through the time of altering the information in viewport that constitutes achievable information monitoring even at your absence. Logon Sentry software tool is an irresistible component for those who would like to safeguard electronic computer data and to protect the system against breaking off.

Employing iSight photographic camera advantage Logon sentry software discharges you from guesswork as to who and when an outsider attempted to access your data processor. The pictures caught by iSight photographic camera assist you to discover the felon. Just in case of emergency, Logon Sentry software tool is competent enough to deliver you an e-mail with screenshots attached. The power to watch all logon outcomes compounded with iSight screenshots allows trustworthy oversight across useful information. Logon Sentry software authorizes you to follow every logon events on your electronic computer. It easily acknowledges and apprizes you about conked out and victorious logon endeavors. Furthermore, this supervising software package permits you to keep abreast all computer activities executed by criminal. The primary Logon Sentry software window reveals time and information of any alterations executed in your absence.

Any user can profit from Logon Sentry software application program which could be of huge assistance in organizations addressing with vital information and data. It is manufactured to safeguard the organization and protect your computer system wholly from any illicit barge in with its round the clock protection.

If you are looking for a perfect tool that will function in concurrence with screenshot procedure to automatically watch all log on endeavors both succeeded and failed on your computer, then Logon Sentry software tool will be the perfect one that you are looking for.

Publisher's Description

Monitor all login attempts both succeeded and failed. In order to prevent an access to your data, this program generates an alert and captures an image from the iSight camera. You won't be lost in guesses trying to figure out the identity of the outsider since Logon Sentry will recognize the spy and provide you with an image accuracy of the computer trespasser. Therefore it enables you to keep your computer under supervision when you are not present.

Logon Sentry is designed to guard your computer data and to secure it against illegal breaking into the system. Performing such functions as control over all Login Events by using iSight and detection of login fails this program thereby aims at providing you with 24-hour supervision of your computer data.

Monitor all login attempts! Recognize the person that endeavors to enter your computer and thus make your computer data less available to other users. Monitor all login attempts! iSight shot and screenshot of endeavors!

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  • Logon Sentry
  • 1.2.44
  • 01 Jul 13
  • ProteMac
  • Mac OS X, Mac Other, Mac PPC, Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.3, Mac OS X 10.2, Mac OS X 10.1
  • Shareware
  • 6.97 Mb
  • 1223
  • $29.95
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Version Date Released Release Notes
1.2.23 12.01.2012 First Release

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