Firewall Kernel Mode Tool


Firewall Kernel Mode Tool offers users a professional tool (FWEngMon.exe) to analyze and troubleshoot firewall connectivity issues by monitoring the ISA Server kernel-mode driver (fweng.sys).Major Features: Can be used to analyze and troubleshoot firewall connectivity issues by monitoring the ISA Server kernel-mode driver (fweng.sys).A set of command line options provide a way of looking at low-level driver activity, at a specific point in time.View connection and creation elements, open and close firewall access for a specified IP address range, print information about specific connection elements, and filter lists.Also export the output to an XML file. Provide a way of looking at some of the elements of the kernel-mode driver, to help you understand what"s going on at the low-level drivers, at a specific time.The first part of the document describes how to use the tool. In the section Kernel Driver Elements, you can read more about connection rules, connections, and creation elements.Requirements: ISA Server 2006 Standard EditionISA Server 2006 Enterprise Edition

Firewall Kernel Mode Tool offers users a ...

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