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Comodo Internet Security – An Effective Malware Clean Up Software
Introduction To Comodo Internet Security
If it is complete protection from malware, virus and other computer attacks that you are looking for, then Comodo Internet Security software will be the ideal tool for you. Keeping your personal computer free of spyware and computer viruses is not enough nowadays and you will need a complete vigil round the clock of any suspicious activity on your computer. With Comodo Internet Security system installed in your computer, you need not worry at all about any suspicious invasions on your personal computer as the software will quickly react to invasions. The software is very easy to use and even a novice user will be able to master the software features within minutes. You will also be able to configure the software very easily. Comodo Internet Security software is the costless, multi-layered protection application program that keeps cyber-terrorists out and personal info in. Built-up from the base upwards with your protection in mind, Comodo Internet Security offers all-round security by mixing potent antivirus protection, enterprise division packet filtering out firewall, innovative host encroachment prevention and machinelike sandboxing of alien files. Comodo Internet Security software hunts down and demolishes spyware shrouding in your personal computer and will easily find menaces and destruct infections. The software is capable of detecting and removing rootkits on your computer and will protect the necessary defense for your critical system files.

Salient Features
Comodo Internet Security software is a perfect security suite. More than barely an antivirus program, it as well includes an award-winning firewall, server encroachment prevention, a sandbox for untreated software package, anti-malware and pilot outpouring protective cover to fork out all-encompassing security against today's different array of threats. With the default deny protection feature, the software allows just the personal computer listed files and application programs to get into the system and therefore will forbid unwanted access to your computer. The sandbox is an essential functioning environment produced inside your computing machine for alien and non-trusted programs. Comodo Internet Security software automatically executes non-trusted programs in the sandbox where they cannot make alterations to methods, programs or information on your 'genuine' system. This protection goes well beyond conventional Antivirus software package by guaranteeing any brand new computer viruses are entirely marooned and cannot cause harm. Applications in the sandbox are run under a cautiously picked out set of favors and will pen to a realistic file system and registry rather than the real system. This entails untrusted application program has the exemption to function as customary while vicious programs are foreclosed from accessing or tainting your computer. This provides most flowing and most protected user experience achievable. After an alien application program has been positioned in the sandbox, Comodo Internet Security software will as well automatically queue it for compliance to Comodo labs where it will be examined by our technicians. If it is observed to be harmless then it will be added to the global secure list that will be downloaded by all Comodo Internet Security users in the next cycle of updates. Once it is expanded to the safe list, the application program will no longer be fed in the sandbox by Internet Security. If it is ascertained to be poisonous then it will be expanded to Comodo's list of spyware signatures and will be erased after the succeeding round of updates. Comodo Internet Security software extradites enterprise class protective cover and could be employed out of the box seat - so even the most unsophisticated users will not suffer to dole out with composite configuration emergences after installation. Comodo Internet Security software is accessible in a lot of different languages and is free for a lifetime once you purchase the software.

• Hunts down and demolishes malware concealing in your personal computer.
• Adware Scanner finds and cleanses spyware infections in personal computer registry and discs.
• Makes sure your personal computer is uninfected with a simple button click.
• Offers users with the power to lockdown their personal computer so just better-known good application program can function.
• List of over two million recognized PC-friendly files and applications so dependable files and apps are permitted to run.

The firewall program control will turn off by default and the software does not offer you with antispam, antiphising, parental control or privacy protection features.

If you are looking out for a total protection and prevention of computer viruses and other adware and malwares to enter your computer system, then there is no better tool that you need to install on your computer than Comodo Internet Security software. So, all you need to do is to just download the trial version of the software and get hands on experience of the excellent features of the software right now.

Publisher's Description

Comodo Internet Security is the awarding winning and free security solution for Windows that uses a powerful combination of antivirus, firewall, auto-sandbox, host intrusion prevention and website filtering to immediately protect your computer from all known and unknown malware. Our real-time scanner constantly monitors your computer for threats, protecting you from the moment you start Windows. Our cloud-based scanner uses real-time virus blacklists, so you don't have to download updates before you receive protection against newly discovered threats. Did you know traditional antivirus software can only detect around 40% of the viruses in circulation? The other 60% of viruses are allowed to run because they are 'unknown' to antivirus software. Comodo Internet Security protects you against this other 60% by automatically isolating all unknown files in a secure container called the sandbox. Applications in the sandbox run with restricted privileges, write to a virtual file system and registry, and are not allowed to access other processes or your private data. This means any potential new malware is securely locked away instead of being allowed to run amok as it would in other antiviruses. Our Secure Shopping feature provides the next-generation of security for online banking and shopping. Under Secure Shopping, websites will open inside a virtual environment which is isolated from the rest of your system, so nothing you download can infect your computer. No other processes are allowed to interfere with your browser, and your online session also benefits from SSL certificate checking, key-logger protection, website filtering, screen-shot blocking and remote connection prevention. This creates a direct, threat-resistant tunnel between you and your target website which cannot be hacked by malware or online thieves. Whether you are an IT novice or an experienced user, Comodo Internet Security is the ultimate protection against today's dangerous online world.

Total protection against all malware – free. Comodo Internet Security is a free security solution for Windows that uses a powerful combination of antivirus, firewall, auto-sandbox, host intrusion prevention and website filtering to instantly protect your computer from malware and other threats ...

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  • Comodo Internet Security
  • 09 Jul 19
  • Comodo Security solutions, Inc.
  • Windows 8, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP
  • Freeware
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  • Free
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes 11.01.2018 Creates QualityCompat key as required by Microsoft Meltdown and Spectre patch KB4056892 upon installation and update, same was done in previous v6474 as well. In some systems Comodo Firewall status in Windows Security Center could be found as "snoozed". 24.11.2017 RDP connection could not be made to PC with Firewall enabled. Multiple alerts for crash report submission. Diagnostics error for non-critical back-end services. 31.12.2016 Hundreds of bugs including BSODs and crashes 07.09.2015 Improved compatibility with Google Chrome 45.x issue, network firewall, sandbox support system, application that launched by 'LNK'-file is now present in the file list, managing virscope state from main UI and widget.
5.9 19.12.2011 NEW! Trustconnect - CIS auto-detects unsecured wireless connections and lets you connect using TrustConnect NEW! Faster AV scans with 'Smart Scan' Technology IMPROVED! Malware deletion capabilities IMPROVED! Dragon browser is included with CIS FIXED! Various bugfixes to improve security/performance

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