IP Sniffer & Web Tracer v.3.91


IP Sniffer & Web Tracer is an AWARD-WINNING IP&Web tool. It combines Domain-IP Convert, Batch Ping, Tracert, Whois, Country from IP, Website Scanner and Connection Monitor into one friendly easy-to-use utility. With the powerful IP Web tool you can 1. Convert domain to IP, IP to domain 2. Batch Ping, Ping from a TXT file 3. Trace IP addresses and domain. 4. Identify the source of connectivity problems 5. Find out the country from Internet IP 6. Obtaining all available information on a given IP address or domain name such as Organization or the ISP that owns the IP address, including the country, state, city, address, contact phone numbers and e-mails 7. Determine name, date, last-modified,version and operation system of the remote web server 8. Get all the linked file information including htm,cgi,php,asp,jsp,jpg, gif,exe,zip,rar,swf and more file tyies as well as email addresses of the given domain or URL. 9. Monitor all the TCP/IP connection from your computer to the internet automatically. The IP or Domain Name which will be operated can be inputted directly, imported from txt file and automatically created as well as be edited easily before being operated. The result date can be exported to txt file, generated htm report and edited easily, too . Featured functions: IP Sniffer can convert all IP addresses of some domains which used muti-IP addresses.(for example: www.yahoo.com).

IP Sniffer & Web Tracer is an AWARD-WINNING ...

  • IP Sniffer & Web Tracer
  • 3.91
  • dandans
  • Windows XP, 2000, 98, NT
  • Adware
  • 1008 Kb
  • 404
  • $39.95

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