Hebbian Recall v.


Hebbian Recall is a personal desktop search and ranking system based on the natural principles of remembering and forgetting of the human mind. The goal is to turn computer into a digital extension of our memory, making interactions between human and computer system more efficient and intuitive. Hebbian Recall provides easy access to files, folders, documents, e-mails and web history from a single application through two unique lookup functions: Hebbian Search and Hebbian Journal. What distinguishes Hebbian Recall from other desktop search engines is Activation Based Ranking. The concept behind our ranking is similar in nature to recalling things from human memory. By providing a mechanism to emulate "remembering and forgetting" of documents through individual users interactions with the computer, we are able to apply user-specific ranking of results in response to a search query. Hebbian Recall dramatically improves the relevance of the search results over traditional keyword only approach.

Hebbian Recall is a personal desktop search ...

  • Hebbian Recall
  • Hebbian Inc
  • Windows XP, 2000
  • Shareware
  • 1.37 Mb
  • 206
  • $29.99

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