CraigsPalFree - Craigslist Reader Pro v.4.6.8


CraigsPal is automated search browser for it was simply designed to help you get more relevant results in your searches.The software is of a minimal size, uses virtually no memory and saves your time!This download is marked as adware because it displays advertisement banners or other type of commercials while running.Here are some key features of "CraigsPalFree - Craigslist Reader Pro":?d¬DSdu Highly filtered content set by you?d¬DSdu Negative search feature (-keyword)?d¬DSdu Craigslist previewer screen?d¬DSdu Browsing with keybord shortcuts?d¬DSdu Sort results by date, price?d¬DSdu Spam flagging featureLimitations:?d¬DSdu Internet connection

CraigsPal is automated search browser for ... CraigsPalFree - Craigslist Reader Pro 3.


  • CraigsPalFree - Craigslist Reader Pro
  • 4.6.8
  • CraigsPal Inc
  • WinXP, Win Vista
  • Shareware
  • 5.17 Mb
  • 223

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