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Twenty-Seven Search Engines and over Three Hundred search categories make Anysearchtime the ultimate internet search program. It gives precise results. There is an option to add ten more search engines that the User desires. There is no need to reenter any search terms for the different search engines. There is an option to add and save twenty search entries making easy to search with the entries, and keep from entering them again.

Anysearchtime has a pleasing, color-coded design for easy use. Since there are so many search categories to list, the User will have to download Anysearchtime, and run Anysearchtime to see all the hundreds of search categories. The First Window enables the User to access Data without going further into the inner workings of the program. Each search category has the option of inputting one hundred characters for each search. The First Search Term has many more characters.

There is an option to use a Reference Table to find search categories in a compressed form. Locating search categories can also be found by using a TOPIC LISTINGS routine. A Suggestions routine will produce the same suggestions that each search engine normally gives the User. An English Spell Checker will check your spellings. A Help Window explains how to use Anysearchtime. An Address Bar enables the User to search the Internet with their criteria. If the User wants to use their own Search Engine, a search engine pattern for the last search will be displayed as an example to set up their own search engines' searches. If a search does not give the result wanted - search again with 26 more possible using the same search terms. Give it a try, and discover, use, and be surprised at all the features that make searching the Internet rewarding.

27+10 Search Engines. 300 Search Categories. Twenty-seven search engines and over Three Hundred search categories. 20 saved User added search entries. There is an option to add Ten more search engines. No need to keep adding search terms. Anysearchtime gives precise results.

internet search, mutlitude search engines, many search categories

  • Anysearchtime
  • 27 Mar 23
  • Paul Guzis
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server, Windows Other
  • Shareware
  • 678 Kb
  • 470
  • $15.00
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes 27.03.2023 Added the ability to add one's own search terms in a separate window and save them. There are 20 more entries possible. Added new Search Engine. Fixed critical search and download difficulties. Can install if previous versions have stopped, and are deleted. 19.12.2022 Streamlined execution of Anysearchtime. Created new Help Screen. 05.10.2022 Fixed some Search Categories. Changed the Visual Design. 14.07.2022 Increased search categories to over 300 search terms. Increased topics listings. Explained how it is possible to search with voice. Made a detailed Help Screen. Rearranged Design. Fixed Searches. 08.04.2022 Completely new design with more search engines and a multitude of search categories. Easy routines to find the search entries for easy Internet searching. Pleasing color-coded design, and a detailed Help Screen.

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