All Job Center Resume Broadcaster v.1.1


Automate job search, search job listing in major US job sites. Job seekers can use Alljobcenter to work off-line, organize jobs and submit multiple applications with one click. Currently we support,,,,,, and 1.Retrieval: Jobs are retrieved from job sites by running ready defined agents, then saved in the folder for that website for that posting date. If any retrieval rule is set up, job will be automatically reviewed against the rule, if condition satisfied then the job will be dispatched to the specified folder. User can delete or move the jobs. 2.Review: Job description is displayed on the bottom panel, and the user can click on the title link to retrieve the web version. Important information such as job title, job code and email address displayed on top. On the right hand side of the job panel is submission panel, showing resume and cover letter defined for the default profile. If user has defined dynamic cover insertion, the cover letter is a result of dynamic composition. User can modify the cover letter, or change the submission profile. 3.Organize: User can create new folder and remove user created folder. User retrieved jobs are saved in the folder for that website, under a folder for that posting date. User can also delete these program created folders after reviewing. 4.Cover Letter: Define multiple cover letters to be referenced by Profiles, define insertions to insert into the cover letter, if specific condition is satisfied. 5.Rule: Define rules to automatically dispatch a job to a specific folder if the job satisfies certain criteria. There are two types of Rules, respectively Submission Rule and Retrieval Rule, checked after job submission or retrieval. 6.Keyword Highlight: User can define 5 highlighters, which can highlight the keywords contained in job description with specified font color and size.

Automate job search, search job listing in ...

  • All Job Center Resume Broadcaster
  • 1.1
  • Win98, ME, NT 4.x, 2000, XP
  • Shareware
  • 9.16 Mb
  • 301
  • $17.98

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