PicturePatrol Officer 9 v.1.0


Do you know thousands of pictures are scattered around the newsgroups on the Internet, waiting to be grabbed by you? And how much trouble you must take in your standard newsreader to have them downloaded to your harddisk? Using PicturePatrol, you delegate this time-devouring task to your personal Officer, who works 24 hours a day patrolling the Usenet, in search for the latest pictures posted to your favourite newsgroups. Using the power of your Macintosh computer and your Internet connection, PicturePatrol finds and downloads a great many binaries and decodes them to pictures, which you can view or use any other way you like. Whether it's a picture of adult nature, of an ancient aircraft, a rare bird, or the latest fractal, PicturePatrol delivers it to your headquarters... saving you a lot of precious time.

Do you know thousands of pictures are ... Thousands of pictures can be downloaded for free from the Usenet, but not many people know how to do that efficiently. Using PicturePatrol Officer 9, your Macintosh performs this task automatically without requiring much of your time.

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  • PicturePatrol Officer 9
  • 1.0
  • Brainchild
  • Mac PPC
  • Shareware
  • 1.46 Mb
  • 548
  • $12.99

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