CyberBuddy v.2.10.16


The CyberBuddy can: Keep reminders and get your attention when a reminder is due. Instant Message (like ICQ) with speech and animation. Send Voice Messages. Bring you the latest Headlines, in several news categories. Give you the local Weather. Tell you the time at designated intervals. Check Your Email-Up to 50 Mailboxes Get Stock Quotes-Reports when changes under/over limits. Check your favorite web pages for changes. Deliver RSS News Feeds. Keep track and report on your internet speed. Read text, web pages, documents or the clipboard to you. Give Jokes and Thoughts of the Day from other CyberBuddies. Filter Spam from email. Remember to give you a compliment. Let you have a little fun. Speech Recognition and Caller ID now available.

The CyberBuddy can: Keep reminders and get ...

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  • CyberBuddy
  • 2.10.16
  • CyberBuddy
  • Windows 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Freeware
  • 2.46 Mb
  • 184
  • Free

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