Tweetc v.

Itd-deOaos functionally straightforward. Want to send a tweet. Type, d-deDUtweetc Hi Mom!d-deDt. Heck you dond-deOaot even need to put quotes around the tweet. To get your most recent tweets, type, d-deDUtweetcd-deDt. Tweetc remembers the last message id so it only gets d-deDUnewd-deDt tweets by default.Id-deOaove also reversed the order of the tweets so that the most recent tweets appear at the bottom. I think this works better in a console application where items can scroll off the top.tweetc uses same proxy settings as Internet Explorer. Id-deOaove tested with proxy autoconfig scripts as well so it should Punch through most firewalls.Want to know more? Just type, d-deDUtweetc d-deOCthd-deDtLike many of my other projects, this one is a work in progress. You cand-deOaot retweet or reply yet and thered-deOaos no search. Those things will come. However, by giving you an early peek, Id-deOaom hoping to get some great suggestions on how to implement additional functionality.

Itd-deOaos functionally straightforward. Want ...


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