Whitetrash v.1.0


Whitetrash provides a user-friendly and sysadmin-friendly proxy that makes it significantly harder for malware to use HTTP and SSL for: * initial compromise; * data exfiltration; and * command and control.FeaturesThe operation of whitetrash is best demonstrated by the flash demo and screenshots.Whitetrash features: * Provides whitelisting for HTTP and SSL that is good for both users and sysadmins, but defends against malware and browser exploits, including some classes of 0-days. * New in 1.0: Integration with the Google Safebrowsing API, so that urls are checked against the Google malware and phishing blacklists. Blacklisted domains cannot be whitelisted by normal users. * New in 1.0: Improved authentication using the Django web framework. Adding new authentication methods is simple. LDAP support means user passwords and permissions can be centrally managed, with simple integration with Windows domain controllers and OpenLDAP servers. * New in 1.0: Authentication can be disabled, which when used in conjunction with the CAPTCHA system, provides most of the security benefits without the overhead of user management. * New in 1.0: A CAPTCHA system has been implemented to prevent malware adding itself to the whitelist. CAPTCHA can be enabled for HTTP, SSL, or both. * New in 1.0: A Django-based admin interface that allows admins to manage users and whitelist entries. * New in 1.0: Memcached support to reduce the load on the database and allow for scaling to very large enterprises. Memcached is used by sites such as slashdot, livejournal, and sourceforge. * New in 1.0: SSL certificate generation. Improvements to the firefox security model have rendered the previous approach to displaying the whitetrash form for SSL requests unusable. Whitetrash now creates its own certificate authority, which is used to display the form for new SSL domains. SSL sessions to whitelisted domains are simply proxied. * New in 1.0: Learning mode. Whitetrash can be placed in a learning mode where all domains requested are added to the whitelist. Once the list has been reviewed, whitelisting by users can begin with a baseline of popular domains pre-whitelisted. * New in 1.0: A firefox plugin has been developed, similar in style to the noscript plugin, that gives users the ability to quickly whitelist domains. This is useful for page elements that do not display the whitetrash form, such as images and video provided by content-delivery-network domains. * Reports are available to all whitetrash users, including: o Details of the most popular whitelisted domains o Details of the most-requested but not whitelisted domains. These are typically malware, spyware, advertising, and user-tracking domains. * Fast: no noticeable impact on users browsing urls already in the whitelist, and adding a new URL is very quick. * Secure: As this is a security product, great care has been taken to ensure that the whitelist cannot be easily circumvented or exploited. * Users can delete their own whitelist entries (optional). Admins can delete any whitelist entry.

Whitetrash provides a user-friendly and ...

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