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VASoftOnline Twitter Promoter is Twitter marketing automation software. It includes twitter auto follow plug-in, tweets adder plug-in, post private messages plug-in and Twitter profiles search plug-in. It is well tested, professionally supported Twitter software. You can use it as intellectual Twitter friend adder with human behavior emulation. You don't need to do anything manually. Twitter Promoter will fully automate Twitter marketing jobs. You can search for Twitter users by keywords or geographical location, get most popular or recently updated profiles, grab friends and followers from your own or other people profile, follow Twitter profiles with randomized delays like human does it, update your Twitter status and keep your tweets on top of Twitter output. You can specify a set of tweets or private messages, and Twitter Promoter will send them in random order with random time intervals. Twitter Promoter is a powerful all-in-one tool. You don't need multiple Twitter marketing tools more. You can use VASoftOnline Twitter Promoter, and it will replace you any other Twitter tools. You can trust our Twitter software, because we are well-known web promotion tools developers; we will never steal your Twitter password, never send you spam, never add trojan to our software, etc. You have to remember about such threat when use free Twitter software download from Internet! However, you can relax when you use software from this site. VASoftOnline Twitter tools are standard for reliability and honesty.VASoftOnline Twitter Promoter is much better than other Twitter marketing tools that you can find in Internet. It doesn't use invisible web browser window like our concurrents, it connects to Twitter directly with Windows Sockets; it means that VASoftOnline Twitter Promoter uses less traffic, memory and processor time, as well as works faster. You'll also be surprised with our support. Support is definitely weak space for web promotion software. Most of self-advertising tools don't have any support at all, and other ones will force you to wait for theirs response during a week or more. VASoftOnline is good exception here: we guarantee one business day support response, we will fix any bugs that you may find in this software on your demand, and we will add new features to this software if you'll request us about this. We do everything to simplify your life and to make Twitter marketing easier and more effective.Twitter auto follow software is critical if you want to be successful Twitter marketer. When you use Twitter auto follow tools, you work near 100 times faster than when you try to follow people manually. You also know that some times you have to unfollow people who doesn't follow you; and Twitter auto follow software can do it. Imagine the situation when you have to find people who doesn't follow you manually and manually unfollow them. And imaging that you add 1000 followers daily (it is Twitter limit). If you do it manually, you actually have to work 10 hours daily. However, Twitter auto follow software can do it for 15 minutes.Twitter auto follow software actually works like Twitter friends adder. Well, you can not send friend request to Twitter profile like you do it on MySpace. However, Twitter friends adder uses other technique. It follows other people and send them private messages that ask these people to follow you back. A lot of people will do it, so actually you can use Twitter Promoter as Twitter friends adder. When you added enough followers to your Twitter profile, you don't more need Twitter friends adder. You need tweets adder instead to promote yourself to your Twitter friends.

VASoftOnline Twitter Promoter is Twitter ... VASoftOnline Twitter Promoter is Twitter auto follow and marketing automation software.

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