Tiny eBook Reader v.5.01


Tiny eBook Reader is a small, quick text reader for your device. It can read documents of any size and can quickly return to the last page you read. TXT, HTML, LIT, TeBR formats. Supports Hi Res. VGA, Portrait and Landscape on Windows Mobile 2003 SE. Features Format to your style: font, size, justification, spacing, borders, etc. Special support for PocketPC Magazine subscribers Support internal and external link in HTML and LIT LIT file Table of Contents Choose any font installed on your device Unicode support any language (font required) Fast return to last read page Able to read ZIPped eBooks Support images in HTML and LIT ClearType support Images in document and cover page Simple font formatting: bold, italic, underline, page breaks. Able to read unlocked LIT eBooks Section/Chapter support for LIT eBooks HTML eBooks (removes most formatting) Search and Bookmarks Unique Nighttime mode Lightning fast loading and returning to last page. eBook creation utility (HTML2TeBR is only available to registered users.) Create your own eBooks with password and/or DRM protection Your eBooks can contain images, sounds and video

Tiny eBook Reader is a small, quick text ...

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