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Tab Utilities is a light but featureful extension for tabbed browsing. A more lite version could be found at Tab Utilities Lite ( or Tab Utilities Mini ( include:1. Open Bookmarks/History/Homepage/URL/Search in new tabs (Left-click in new foreground tab, Middle-click in new background tab, Ctrl+Left-click in current tab)2. Open new tabs next to current tab, Open duplicate tabs next to original tab3. Reuse current/last/all blank tabs, Auto-close unintentional blank tabs4. Focus related/unread/last selected tab after closing current tab5. Ctrl+Tab to navigate tabs in MRU order, Ctrl+Left/Right Arrow in sequential order6. Highlight current/unread tabs7. Undo Close Tab button, Undo close last closed tabs8. Force new tab/Force background/Force foreground switches9. Duplicate/Restart/Protect/Lock/Freeze/Faviconize/Pin/Hide/Rename Tab10. Auto-reload tab at a given interval11. Mark tab as read/unread12. Move to Window/Merge Window, Move to Group/Merge Group13. Close left/right/duplicate/similar/all tabs14. Built-in multiple tab handler15. Mouse clicking options, including Left/Middle/Right/Double/Ctrl/Alt/Shift-click on bookmarks/links/tabs/tab bar/New Tab buttonLoad URL from clipboard/Session history on tab for tab clicking optionsStay menu open for Middle-click on bookmarksRight-click functions as Middle-click on bookmarks and links16. Open links/session history items with session history17. Open selected links in new tabs18. Single window mode19. Multi-row tab bar

Tab Utilities is a light but featureful ...

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