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Robot-Damaku is an application which allows users to search for email addresses.This program is developed on algorithm, which allows to lower of consumption of the traffic to 75 % in comparison with analogues of this direction. Robot-Damaku has an opportunity to bypass the majority of traps, dodges, false generators of addresses and other protection of the processing, aimed at prevention, web of pages. As the program has additional innovative function " Anti-anti-spam ". Many addresses on pages are in the protected or coded condition from e-mail searching, with the help of this function of the robot it is possible to train to receive, to decode or to remove many protection from addresses and at once, to add them in a database.In the Internet there is a plenty very slow, pages, long opening or hanging at opening. On this the robot has functionality to stop or to dump loading such pages on your programmed interval of time. In it two internal control functions " Checking ?OC?OCo1 " are established and " Checking ?OC?OCo2 " which the unknown problems and reasons will check earlier, on which the robot can stand idle.It is possible to make processing web pages, as well as electronic addresses purposefully on a concrete direction. For example, to look through and to receive addresses only from the Russian direction or it is possible to program processing of many countries, interesting for you, at once. All received or processed addresses are kept in the program for the further comparison them with the again received addresses. If the robot find concurrences of the address, which already is in a database, such address are ignored, and repeatedly is not looked through.The robot has two timers. The timer of inclusion and shutdown of search. Functions are very convenient The program can switch on without participation of the man, and also will be switched off in the time, programmed by you.In adjustments of the program there is an interesting opportunity to include a soundtrack of search and processing of electronic addresses. Using this function you can receive the information on result of work of the robot and thus to not look at the monitor. As the program provides the sound notification about carried out operations.At the moment of performance of search and the processings of addresses by the robot are created databases. In order to prevent loss of the assembled information because of computer failure or not planned shutdown of the electric power, the program has functionality to make control preservation of each base separately on the fact of reception of new addresses.And certainly describing the function Robot-Damaku it is necessary to mention one of the basic and very interesting functions of the program as monitoring of performance of work. At the central window of the search below at the left and from the right two are located mini of a window, which show statistics of processing of concrete page. You will be notice, how many web or e-mail of addresses was received from concrete page, what processing was made, how many there was of concurrences already of found addresses and a lot of other information. In the program there is also main monitor, which collects the information for all period of search.How many in total is processed of lines, is received of addresses, concurrences, bad pages protected addresses, preservations, time of search and there is a lot of other information. The data of the monitor can be kept in a textual file and in a file of the program sanction. Preservation to occur both in a manual mode, and in automatic. It is very convenient that it would be possible to continue search with the kept data or simply will familiarize with result of work of the robot after its auto switching-off on the timer.

Robot-Damaku is an application which allows ... Robot-Damaku 0.

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