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Remote Control 4.1 is an effective software which allows you to find computers by username, computer name, or custom information that you provide. What are some of the features that make your life easier as an Network Admin? Find the computer you are looking for in seconds. IntelliAdmin Remote Control has a search engine that can find computers by username, computer name, or even custom information that you provide.Have you tried other solutions with Vista? Notice that they have a hard time handling the new Vista prompts? IntelliAdmin Remote Control handles this with ease, and has been designed from the ground up to support Vista, and Windows 7. Group Policy Support. Want to restrict access to your remote control software using group policy? IntelliAdmin Remote Control can be configured and locked down using group policy settings. Support for Windows Usernames and Groups. IntelliAdmin Remote Control can be configured to use Windows usernames and groups for access control.Screen Scaling--The client will automatically shrink the view to fit the screen within the window. With huge resolutions, you no longer are forced to constantly scroll around. Alpha Capture Disable--Applications like Office 2007 need alpha capture turned on, or parts of their windows will not be sent back to the remote client. This was always turned on in 3.x. Once side effect of this setting is the mouse flickers with some video cards. Now you have the option to turn this off and keep the mouse flicker to a minimum--great if you are given the task of watching a user without them knowing.Screen Shots--You can easily save the current view in the client window to a JPG file. This is good for keeping a visual log of crash events, or activity of users. Auto-Reconnect - When a connection is lost, it will automatically attempt to re-establish the connection. You can get them from Windows Networking like you do right now, but in addition you can import them from an XML file, add them manually, or update them in real time from a http URL--this allows you to create a common computer list that all administrators can see and use. Major Features:Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7 and 64 bit compatible: Not an afterthought, but designed from the ground up to support the latest offerings from Microsoft.Find computers in seconds: The super fast search will help you find computers in seconds. Just start typing and it will do its magic. It has been tested it with over 10,000 computer names and it still returns results in less than a second.Ask Permission before connecting: Need to support sensitive areas of your company? The ask permission first feature will put them at ease.Worried about security? Connections are fully encrypted using 256 bit AES encryptionEnhancements:

Remote Control 4.1 is an effective software ...

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  • Remote Control
  • 4.1
  • IntelliNavigator, Inc
  • Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows S
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