Radmin Server v.3.3


Radmin Server 3.3 brings a tool installed on the computers to which you will be connecting to. It operates as a service. Therefore, it automatically loads when you start Windows. Radmin is known for its highest security. When you try to connect to a remote computer the Radmin Server prompts you to authenticate securely using a login and password. The program checks user permissions as well as IP-filter settings. Advanced 256-bit AES encryption is always enabled for all data streams being transferred over the network. Radmin Server module provides the reflector functionality of the remote screen. Radmin 3.0 incorporates the new DirectScreenTransfer technology, which is based on Radmin Mirror driver. It allows Radmin Server to read the remote screen bypassing video controllers while consuming minimum processor resources. Radmin uses an intelligent algorithm that allows it to read only changing parts of the screen. This technology provides the ability not only maximize the speed of work but also minimize the network traffic and processor usage. It's absolutely critical especially when working with a slow modem or GPRS connecton. This part of Radmin also works as a server to provide Text Chat and Voice Chat functionality. For the security it uses the same authentication and encryption algorithms as in the Full Control mode. Radmin Server supports many other features like transferring remote cursor shape, multiple monitors support and others.

Radmin Server 3.3 brings a tool installed on ...

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  • Radmin Server
  • 3.3
  • Famatech
  • Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows S
  • Trial
  • 4.8 Mb
  • 293
  • $49.00

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