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Solutions from Q1 Labs are quickly becoming the standard for centralized management of enterprise network and security information.Recognizing that enterprises of all sizes are required to collect and manage event logs +oOeCOCt and in response to the challenging economic and business conditions facing organizations everywhere +oOeCOCt Q1 Labs is providing a free, feature-rich log management solution called QRadar SLIM Free Edition (FE).A downloadable "virtual" appliance, QRadar SLIM FE lets IT professionals: * Collect, analyze, report, and store network, host, server, application, and event logs, via syslog, from a wide variety of network systems (e.g., routers, switches, security devices, etc.) * Obtain advanced analytics to quickly turn confusing events into useful results * Search and report on event logs to meet specific regulatory requirementsQRadar SLIM FE offers many of the same capabilities found in Q1 Labs' appliance-based, QRadar Simple Log and Information Management (QRadar SLIM) solution. QRadar SLIM FE is targeted at businesses, departments, or networks with less than 50 events per second (EPS) coming from their log sources.There are multiple scenarios where organizations can benefit from deploying QRadar SLIM FE, including: * Small businesses (typically less than 100 systems) looking to gain the value of a log management solution * Organizations looking to easily and quickly evaluate the features of the QRadar SLIM log management offering * Existing customers who wish to have a separate QRadar SLIM environment for testing and development useQRadar SLIM FE has the following restrictions and limitations: * The software is provided as is, without any warranties or commitment of support * The software is limited to collecting 50 EPS * The software is limited to collecting syslog-generated events only * The software cannot be used to provide any revenue-generating services (e.g., Managed Security Services) * The software cannot be used in conjunction with any other log management or SIEM product * The software license provided is for use only with the downloadable "virtual" appliance * The software must be installed on a system with sufficient performance as outlined in the Technical Overview section

Solutions from Q1 Labs are quickly becoming ... Enterprise-Class Log Management Solution ...

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