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When Microsoft released Windows CE 2.0, I felt happy with the new cascading Start Menu. Until then, I felt uncomfortable with the monolithic menu, and I used to use Cascading Menus which was included in the Power Toys for Windows CE 1.0. A few years later, Microsoft introduced new Windows CE 3.0 based Pocket PC. I was disappointed to see the old-fashioned Start Menu which I saw in Windows CE 1.0. Program launcher was moved to a full screen window with Palm style. It is not so bad however I felt really comfortable with the Start Menu of Palm-size PC. Thus I created this software. This just shows the program items in the same fashion as the Palm-size PC did. The menu items are taken from a specific folder (that is, WindowsStart MenuPrograms. The folder location varies according to the device locale setting. ProgramMenu follows the setting automatically). If you put the ProgramMenu at your Start Menu, you can invoke it from the Start Menu. When ProgramMenu is invoked instead of `Programs, Start Menu disappears but ProgramMenu appears instead as the above figure. By default, ProgramMenu lists the same content as `Programs shows. The difference includes ProgramMenu lists them as menu items. If subfolders are included in the `Programs items, ProgramMenu will show cascading menu for listing the sub-contents of them. You can create your own menu which is independent from the `Programs content. So that you can have another launching path for your applications than the built-in `Programs. Creating your own menu is quite easy. It is much like creating your Start Menu using file explorer. The only thing you have to do with ProgramMenu is to specify the folder you want to use to put your menu items.

When Microsoft released Windows CE 2.0, I felt ...

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