Portable GeoVisu v.5.0.1


GeoVisu is a program that displays georeferenced data (images, graphics) and downloads data recorded by some GPS devices.GeoVisu has a "Moving map" navigation function, which can be used with any NMEA 0183 compatible or Garmin USB GPS device.Features:Georeferenced data display : Displays georeferenced image formats : GeoTiff, ECW and ECWP, MrSID, OziExplorer Map Displays graphic data in formats SHP, MIF, KML and KMZ (Google Earth), WinAPRS, ascii OVL and geonames.org XML Displays map data in formats OSM (OpenStreetMap), cGPSmapper Polish format Displays GPS files in formats GPX, log NMEA, GPS TrackMaker GTM211 and GTM212, Lowrance USR, OziExplorer, Mapsend, Magellan log, Garmin PCX5, Garmin XML (History, Logbook), Wintec (TK1, TK2, TK3), Mapshow (AlanMap, Holux) Displays geolocalized Jpeg images (Exif) Directly reads compressed files : Gzip and ZIP Directly reads files from web, using protocole http or ECWP Displays images in negative and/or monochrome mode Automatic overlay for maps and satellites image layers using their resolution (the most accurate on top) Gaphic and image layers display management Can modify map features (OSM et cGPSmapper) representation, can define new map features Finds place names and localizes on them Print functionGPS : Navigation : displays current position provided by a GPS NMEA 0183 compatible or Garmin USB device, this position is maintained at the center of the window with real time actualisation ("moving map") Logs navigation data in NMEA format, Receives GPS sentences on UDP port Displays track during navigation Automatic launching of navigation when starting Downloads waypoints, tracklogs and routes from all Magellan et Garmin models from many GPS dataloggers, (Garmin, Magellan, Globalsat, Emtac Trine, Royaltek, Wintec, MTK, Navilink, Skytraq) Displays waypoint(s), tracklog(s) and route(s) over georeferenced images or graphic dataFile formats conversion : Exports graphic data in formats MIF, KML (Google Earth) Exports GPS data in formats GPX and NMEAGeodetic systems : Lets you choose display geodetic system (when no image present) Converts geographic and cartographic coordinates Parameters of many geodetic systems have been validated whith use of documents from national geographic institutes Supports cartographic projections : Lambert conic tangent and secant, Mercator tangent and secant, transverse Mercator, oblique Mercator, Rosenmund, Hotine, Gauss-Laborde, Polar stereographic, (Double) oblique stereographic, Krovak, Equirectangular Recognizes EPSG v6.11, Mapinfo v7.8, Garmin, OziExplorer, NMEA, and ERMapper geodetic system codifications Display cursor coordinates in geodetic system and unit chosen by user

GeoVisu is a program that displays ...

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  • Portable GeoVisu
  • 5.0.1
  • GeoVisu
  • WinXP, Win2003, Win2000, Win Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64
  • Shareware
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