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Pipe Flow Expert - Calculate Pressure Drop & Flows in Pipe NetworksDo you need to calculate flows and pressures in pipe networks?Do you need to model fluid flow with tanks, pumps, pipes & fittings?Would instant and accurate calculations save you time and money?Pipe Flow Expert is our premier software application for designing and analyzing complex pipe networks where the flows and pressures must be balanced to solve the system. Its features include: An Intuitive User Interface that is best-in-class & easy to use with Isometric 3D drawing capability... and customized PDF report generation for results documentation! A Robust Calculation Engine that will solve complex pipe networks Pressure Loss calculated using the Darcy-Weisbach method Friction Factors calculated using the Colebrook-White equation Modelling of up to 1000 pipes in the full version. A Fluid Database with common liquid and gas data A Pipe Database with common pipe materials and sizes A Fittings Database with common valve and fitting dataThe Darcy-Weisbach method provides accurate results for non-compressible fluids (including most process fluids). It also provides satisfactory results for compressible fluids when the pressure drop through the pipe system is less than 40% of the inlet pressures. Read more about the Flow & Pressure Calculations Pipe Flow Expert Lite - Up to 25 pipesPipe Flow Expert Lite is our excellent value program for solving pipe networks with up to 25 pipes where the flows and pressures must be balanced to find the steady state condition.Its features include: Same features as the full version except only models up to 25 pipes. An Intuitive User Interface that is best-in-class & easy to use Same pipe database, fitting database and fluid database as the full version.Pipe Flow Expert Lite uses the Darcy Weisbach equation to calculate friction losses in the pipes (and the Colebrook White equation to determine the friction factor that is used). The pipe flo and pressure drops throughout the system are displayed on the drawing and this information and additional detail about entry pressures, exit pressures, friction factors, friction losses, fitting losses, component losses, pump head added, NPSH available, volume, velocity, elevations, surface pressures, etc, can also be viewed in spreadsheet format and exported to excel as required. Pipe Flow, Professional Software for Engineers3 reasons that you should choose Pipe Flow Software Reliability, Service and Support Pipe Flow Expert has a robust calculation engine that provides fast and accurate results. We go to extra ordinary lengths to ensure that our software is the best it can be and we respond promptly to user queries. We don't just want to meet your expectations; we want to provide an exceptional service, where we treat our customers as we would want to be treated ourselves. Ease Of Use Most companies do not pay enough attention to making their products easy for their users to get the job done. Many programs have steep learning curves and sometimes are not useable without specialist training. At Pipe Flow we believe things should not be so difficult. Pipe Flow Expert has a very intuitive user interface that means you'll be up and running and saving time and effort right from the start (and we have the testimonials to back this up) Value For Money Specialist software is often expensive. We believe in keeping the cost down by running a very lean, high quality operation, that delivers our software via download and provides a streamlined process for licensing our programs.

Pipe Flow Expert - Calculate Pressure Drop & ...

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  • Pipe Flow Expert
  • 2010-5.12
  • PipeFlow.co.uk
  • WinXP, Win Vista, Windows 7
  • Shareware
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  • 16.12.201414:19

    I am piping engineer, I use it to do calculation of flow rate, very useful.


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